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Mimosa Pattaya (City of Love)
  • Called the "city" has opened a new tourist attraction for those travelers has always frequented touch. And the last one was pretty cute Mimosa Pattaya city came under the theme "The City of Love" and crafted the scenery, the city of love.
    By Mimosa Pattaya is a city with a touch of the ancient French architecture. Characterized by bright colors, cute look conveys a unique one in the city. It also encompasses the atmosphere with a very good and friendly MCI. And fragrant with the scent of flowers, the perfect blend.
    Ah, I do not think only that Because there is a small canal that runs through town. A pair of swans that revolve around, or they can appreciate each other’s special show spectacular. Impressive as the musical fountain. The current switch to entertain all day.
    Show time : 17.00 , 18.30 , 19.45 , 21.00 HRS.


    Optional (joint tour)
    Mimosa Pattaya(pick up time 14:00 - 19:00)   Price for child 500 Baht
    Price for adult 500 Baht

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